The Treehugger

My boy Tuck’s a tree hugger.

And I’ll be telling him a tale with some tough news shortly.

That old 100 foot tall maple tree in his backyard is taking the high road.

Tuck’s not going to like it at all.

He claimed the tree as his own the day we moved in to our little cottage five months ago.

He’s settles in daily for a while beneath heavy, weak branches gazing up at the sky in all kinds of weather.

On my old property there were 20 trees just as tall, but he ignored them all.

At least I thought he did.

Perhaps Tuck had taken notice and this old maple reminds him of his prior place full of bunnies, birds, and butterflies.

Much like a warm, gentle memory to hold on tightly.

As for me, I hope to hold on to the tree’s thick trunk.

I’m hopeful the tree surgeon will make a clean, flat cut.

A majestic maple picnic table would be the perfect way to toast the life of one grand old tree and new chapters for a sweet senior terrier.


2 thoughts on “The Treehugger

  1. Ah, Tuck, little man, there will be other trees to daydream under. ❤️
    Jackie, when we had one cut down a couple of years ago in the back yard, we discovered the trunk was basically hollow! Thank goodness we took care of it when we did, because that Spring a storm came through and toppled an old creaky tree next door right on the house!
    I hope you get your table! If not, I used my hollow trunk to plant things in and it was way cool!

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