Those eyes say it all

I believe my senior girl Maddie’s a lot smarter than I am.

She’s 13 now, so she’s had plenty of years to work on that wisdom.

This morning I bent down to slowly to pick her up and carry her outside. Maddie’s lame now in her back legs.

I found my back ached more than usual from the lifting, as did my shoulder from shoveling heavy snow a few weeks back.

I ‘d also awakened with a cold and fever that seemed to sail in on the breeze overnight.

After gently setting Maddie down on the grass, I went back inside. I soon noticed her watching me through the kitchen windows as I made my coffee, swept the floor, and washed up the breakfast dishes.

She was smiling and never took those big brown eyes off me.

It seemed Maddie was beckoning me to come back outside.

I finally did.

And I found a day once gray had turned a beautiful blue.

It was full of sunshine and twenty five degrees warmer than normal.

And my old girl didn’t want me to miss it.

Maddie’s never let a little discomfort get in her way.

After spending the first four years of her life living on a porch with a questionable breeder in frigid northern Minnesota, she’s come to appreciate simple gifts.

And she still does today.

We spent much of the afternoon relaxing outside. She on her dog bed, and me in a rocking chair until she had another message she was determined to share.

It was spelled D-I-N-N-E-R.

And once again, her eyes said if all.

Somehow they always do.

4 thoughts on “Those eyes say it all

  1. Such a beautiful lady. When you are around 91 years old you have one or two things to share and communicate. The art is to listen.

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