Love your pets, everyday

I awoke to the news that today is ‘Love Your Pet Day’.

Somehow I’ve missed the holiday’s very existence over the years.

So I thought I’d start early with my canine crew to make up for lost time.

Especially as there was no time or an extra ten to shop.

First, I began with 13-year-old corgi, Maddie.

I gifted my matron scratches behind the ears, an extra long belly rub, and one of her favorite rawhides.

She sweetly licked my hand in thanks.

Next, it was Tucker the terrier’s turn.

Nine year old Tuck trembled in excitement when I picked up his blue leash to go for a walk.

With the spring like sun melting the snow in the streets, he knew it could be an extra long one.

And he was right.

Afterwards, Tucker brought me his favorite and noisiest squeaky toy in gratitude.

That left the question of just what to give to my 1-year-old chi/mystery mix Rex.

He’s only been with me two months and we’re still dancing some as we get to know each other’s likes and dislikes.

Kind of like a honeymoon period.

But I didn’t wonder for long.

It seems my handsome man is a giving little fellow.

And he’d chosen to be the one to act as gift giver this holiday.

Rex brought puppy kisses, and plenty of them, to my granddaughter, daughter and me.

All of this is very new to Rex.

I don’t believe he’s ever been a pet before.

And since we thoroughly enjoyed those puppy kisses, I decided not to set him straight on how this holiday is supposed to work.

Instead, I gratefully kissed him in return on that very sweet and cold little nose.


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