Who says a candidate can’t have four legs?

I’ve been ignoring the presidential political debates lately.

And politics in general.

But I was thinking this morning, it’s time I start studying up.

I began with a Google search of just what makes a good President at the breakfast table.

I quickly discovered words such as perseverance, good communicator, strong character, crisis management skills, bravery, and patriotism.

And then I considered the loyal dog pack at my feet.

My corgi Maddie came instantly to mind.

She’s clearly got what it takes.

PERSEVERANCE? You bet. That girl will work for hours finishing off any hint of fat on a soup bone. And she’ll never sleep until every last bread crumb has been found and put to bed.

GOOD COMMUNICATOR? Maddie’s eyes say it all when she looks up at you. She doesn’t even need to open her mouth to share any political rhetoric.

CHARACTER? Maddie’s most definitely a character. She will surely make you laugh, but exhibits character as well. She’s steadfast in her devotion to a cause, which currently is me.

CRISIS MANAGEMENT? Maddie’s style is to remain calm at all times, smile as appropriate, then sleep it off. She encourages her owner and canine companions to do the same. She’s a winner at leading by example.

BRAVERY? In spite of her lameness, Maddie will leap over snow banks (and her brothers) to be in the first in line for kibble. No blizzards or thunderstorms will ever cause her to waiver or whine.

PATRIOTISM? This little patriot waves the flag proudly while riding in kiddie wagons for 4th of July Parades. And red, white, and blue are her favorite colors year round.

As a 13 year old senior, Maddie doesn’t have a lot of time for politics, but she’s willing to share her experience, wisdom, and love for a vote.

And she’s got mine.

I’ll be writing her in on my ballot.

“Maddie for President.”

Oh, I can just see those t-shirts now.


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