Hearts and Holidays

My mystery mix pup Rex joined me right before Christmas.

I quickly discovered the little guy was smitten with my small collection of Christmas decorations.

This morning I caught Rex chewing the edge of a small holiday box I’d recently put away in the basement.

He barked excitedly to get my attention.

I walked over to calm Rex down and see what was inside.

Pulling off the tissue, I found the flea market Santa’s Helper planter I’d bought during our November’s Farmers Market.

Rex looked very pleased as I slowly lifted it out

I’ve been told my handsome man does have an elfin appearance, just like the image in the planter.

Rex began to whimper as I began to wrap the piece back up.

He looked up at me with his very best pout.

“Hey Rex,” I said. “What if we leave it out and fill it with candy hearts for Valentine’s Day?

My little handsome man yipped in agreement and gave me one slobbery kiss.

He then did his best happy dance over to his pup bed for a long winter’s nap.

There’s just nothing like another magical holiday to wear a boy out.


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