Strange bedfellows

My two senior dogs, Corgi Maddie and Yorkie Tucker, are double trouble.

Especially if a winter storm’s a brewing.

My normally quiet Maddie will take to 3:00 am howling from the kitchen while snowflakes unfold beyond the rattling windows.

I wonder if she’s fearful of drowning in a sea of white?

As for tough guy ‘Tuck’, he’ll start dragging all his worldly possessions outside into the annual snow fort he builds.

Including one oversized blue plaid dog bed kept by the stove.

As for me, I nervously prepare strong brews of java before tackling icy roads at 4:00 a.m., jealous of the exhausted and snoring dogs before me.

Pausing for a moment, I’ll give thanks for neighbors who plow me out in the cold sharing their warmest “no trouble at all” comments.

Maybe they can teach my senior dogs a thing or two.

At a minimum, how to shovel?


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