Hey, who you calling funny looking?

My daughter and her family had stopped by to see me and my little canine crew.

Afterwards I thanked her for helping capture some pics of my new squirming handsome man, Rex.

“He sure is a cute little guy,” she texted me back.

“Hey, I thought you said he was funny looking!” I replied.

Rex, a mystery mix, doesn’t quite look like the rest of the dogs on the block with his long spindly legs.

My daughter acknowledged her prior comment, but added “oh…but he’s got good character!”

I smiled.

There’s nothing quite like a handsome man with “good character” in my book.

Sounds to me like the beginning of a perfect love story.

Winter’s unraveling

Convertibles go topless.

Old thick coats now an afterthought.

Hardy ice fisherfolk retreat to shore.

As kids clad in shorts shout, “No more!”

Then golf clubs appear as fast as the bikes.

As those cows in the country moo with glee.

Does that manure thawing smell seem almost ‘sweet’?

Or has spring fever now come over me?