Just Believe

I often wonder what my dogs are thinking.

Particularly with my newest dog Rex who joined us last month.

Yesterday Rex jumped up on the bed right next to my purchases from the second hand store, all neatly bundled in a recycled bag.

“Hey, Rex. Did you ever believe you’d move up north and have a second chance with a family?”

Rex quickly cocked his head to the left, deep in thought.

“And do you believe you’ll be an awesome therapy dog?”

Rex cocked his head to the right, still thinking.

“And can you believe, Rex, at some point your brother Tucker will finally stop teasing you?”

Rex looked concerned for a moment, then I believe I saw him nod.

“Finally Rex, what made you believe your second hand mom would ever let you sleep on the bed?”

With that question, guilt settled in.

And Rex’s imagination ran out.

My handsome man then jumped off the bed and trotted down to his kennel to sleep and dream up more magic.


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