Bliss below zero

When I awoke this morning I read it was warmer in Antartica than in my own backyard.

And then I heard our windchill was 33 below.


I stumbled early into my kitchen where I loaded up with three layers each of mismatched socks, mittens, and hats before taking the dogs out.

Then in pain, I slowly lifted my lame corgi Maddie to carry her to the icy front yard.

I’d pulled a muscle in my back yesterday.

But we made it out.

And fortunately back in.

When removing my tired parka I realized I was stumbling some because my balance was off.

A head cold had arrived and settled in with the same artic blast.

Hey, no problem.

The day is still beautiful.

My old car battery turned over without a fight.

Though I don’t need to travel, which makes it even better.

And the sky is a brilliant light blue.

Sun shines through the blinds on my tired shoulders as I doze lightly on the couch, warming me along with the aging furnace and two cozy quilts.

I smell the thyme and rosemary from beef stew cooking in the crock pot, in spite of my stuffed up head.

Corgi Maddie smiles sweetly up at me, hoping for a bite.

Yorkie Tucker snuggles closer to stay warm.

And Rex, my new chi/mystery mix, joins me on my lap as I decide to read from my new favorite novel and plants puppy kisses on my nose.

I’m happy knowing tomorrow it will rise above zero once again.

Just like always.

In the meantime, I’m thankful warmth can always be found in almost any cold front.


One thought on “Bliss below zero

  1. Jackie, I hope you feel better soon! You have such a wonderful; furry nursing staff, how could you not?!? I am leaving warm temps in Texas right now; flying to Memphis and then on to Jonesboro where I see it’s a balmy 21! xoxoxo

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