Miracles of the season

Miracles of the season come in all shapes and sizes at holiday time.

And with dog breeds and ages as well.

For example, my newly adopted pup Rex.

Now I don’t know what makes up the other half of this 6 pound chi mix, but I’d been hoping my handsome man has a love for kids.

I have 3 little animal loving grandchildren who love to come over.

Christmas Day was the big test.

But I needn’t have worried.

As soon as Rex eyed the young trio, he was gifting kisses sweeter than the red and green Hersheys I’d put in the candy jar.

In fact, his kisses have been a bigger hit than my granddaughter’s new “Frozen” guitar, complete with Elsa’s image.

Now I’ll call that a miracle.

And I uncovered even more holiday magic this morning with the fresh three inches of powder overnight.

While putting the dogs out at 7:00, my lame corgi Maddie started flying through the air just like Rudolph. It was as if the snow acted as a cushioned springboard helping her leap from snow bank to snow bank.

Maybe I should call it jumping for joy.

Anyway, her face said it all.

What a gift for a girl whose 91 in dog years.

And oh, what a blessing!


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