Journeys of Bliss

What most consider a vacation hasn’t been part of my vocabulary this year.

But no problem.

It was my choice.

I learned when you take retirement from one job on a Friday and start a new one the Monday after, you just have other priorities.

Especially when you’re moving into a new home as well.

Still, I know that a little relaxation is good for the soul.

So I figured if I’ve downsized my job and my house, can’t I do a mini-retreat?

Knowing I’d have a work break late yesterday morning, I grabbed my camera.

The early hours were predicted to be warm and beautiful.

And also full of light before the wind and clouds descended.

When the time was right, I made the short drive down to the beach.

Climbing out of the car, I studied two workmen as they prepared the weary docks for a long winter’s nap.

The local ice fishermen will be replacing them soon.

Then I traveled barefoot in the sand, stopping to chat to restaurant workers hanging Christmas lights, and preparing for their last patio lunch seatings.

Moving further west, I searched for the perfect place to rest.

A place to renew.

And close my tired eyes.

It didn’t take long.

Two sparkling chairs caught my attention in the distance.

The light surrounding them beckoned me over.

I grabbed one chair.

My dreams took the other.


Its always been my perfect destination.

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