I slept on my living room floor last night. I am in the process of moving and my bed is gone, along with the rest of the furniture.

The dogs have been a little confused with the changes

In looking for their favorite couch yesterday, they circled the perimeter of the den then found a new sunny location below a window that satisfied them.

Later in the evening, Tucker the terrier, tried to find my bed. He’s insisted on sleeping at the foot of it, since joining me from a rescue group 6 years ago.

Tucker inquisitively marched up and down the hall with his favorite squeaky toy, looking for his usual place of rest.

But within a minute, he found me cocooned in a corner of the living room with an old bedspread and pillow.

He immediately nestled in by my feet and started to snore, as he always does. The other dogs did the same.

It gave me comfort to see how resilient dogs can be to change.

And so it seems, are we.


7 thoughts on “Resilence

  1. You are their fixed point in life; no matter what it looks like where you are. I wonder if they will create new “traditions” in their new home?

  2. When you have time, will you please send me your new address? Carol DeWever good luck on your new endeavor. I am sure Rick is right there with you. All my love.

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