Change is in the air

September is a month of much change.

Stressful ones apparently.

In fact, four of my current pick hits are showing on a list of life’s top ten stressors.

“Ah, bring it on,” I said to the dogs early this morning.

But an hour later, the pen I’d been using for all those related to do lists had run dry.

And it seemed I had as well.

I drove into town to find some greatly needed lake therapy.

And I found it there on the beach as soon as I overheard a wise man speak my favorite words, “It’s all good”.

I smiled, knowing he was right.

I moved to the breezy dock and stood for a while watching the early morning sailboat regatta with my cup of coffee.

“Breathe, just breathe,” I sang softly to myself in my best Kelly Clarkson voice.

And I did, taking in as much crisp fall air as my lungs would absorb.

It was just the high octane fuel I needed to sail back home and start cleaning out my basement as part of a downsizing effort.

I discovered once there it actually can be “all good”, even below ground.

And surely will be, when the tough task’s completed.

Oh, what a glorious gift change really is.


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