Greta goes Gospel

Grandma Greta’s had a very busy summer.

Yet she’s managed to faithfully attend each Wednesday night concert at the church in town.

I thought at first it was all about the grilled hot dogs we’ve been sharing.

Or maybe the pail of dog biscuits the ushers have been showering her with.

“Hey, church lady. Ready to go?” I asked my gal last Wednesday after work.

I do think Greta looks like the Dana Carvey ‘prim and proper’ church lady character from Saturday Night Live episodes a few years back. (All she really needs is a string of pearls).

Anyway, Greta immediately responded with that happy nail tapping dance.

As if almost to say, “Well, isn’t that special!”

And it was.

After all, it was acoustic guitar night.

Greta seemed to relish the music and a few inspirational words on hope.

And I know Greta was putting that hope to work by wishing for seconds on vanilla ice cream.

But I’m thinking she deserved it.

This little 16 year old has blossomed at each event, showing more patience than normal with the three year olds who see her as a puppy.

And she’s also shown a gentleness with the older special needs kids who’ve approached her more abrubtly than she’s used to.

Maybe she’s just been absorbing the collective calm in these celebratory nights of reggae, rock, and folk music.

Or perhaps it’s the joy from several of the musicians who have survived transplants, cancer, and other tough battles through the years.

It seems every Wednesday the weather has been a gift.

And it will be again this week for the last concert of the summer, performed by an Emmy award winning gospel group.

I know Greta will be excited, moving and shaking like the rest of the canines in the crowd.

“They’re even having a blessing of the animals,” I told her after the last concert.

“Talk about hope, Greta! I know you’re also really hoping for your very own mustard slathered hot dog next

I then thought I saw a smile on my five pound church lady’s face.

And a mumble sounding like, “Isn’t that special!”

Or maybe, it was just her stomach growling in anticipation?