Free Falling

There I was.

Down for the count.

And I’d fallen hard.

I’d missed an uneven patch on the sidewalk.

But I’d broken the impact some with my left wrist and knee.

I was about to start a walk from the library up on the hill. And I intended to go down the long steep stairway towards the lake.

But I didn’t even make it to the first step before tumbling.

Instead, I fell admiring the peonies and pansies on the plaza outside the building’s big picture window.

And right in front of the patrons who were taking visual breaks from their lap tops and library books to admire the sailboats.

Embarrassed, I quickly righted myself and kept moving in spite of the pain and bleeding.

That’s when I noticed I’d missed a free fall down a 30 foot embankment.

But hey, I was on a mission.

Hours earlier I’d been listening to TED talks on health and wellness in relation to aging.

I heard much discussion on the benefits of great cardio and good knees.

Oh, and the benefits of krunchy kale.

A big part of my extra green dinner plans for Saturday night.

But after hobbling around for a half hour, I suddenly felt old.

And vulnerable.

I admit I was feeling more than a little sorry for myself.

On the way out of town, I quickly detoured into the drive thru at the Golden Arches.

I picked up an extra juicy cheeseburger.

Some fries with extra salt

And one gooey hot fudge sundae.

I don’t even like fast food.

And now of course I felt even worse.

I’d become a stereotypical old lady surrendering to the night and the swelling.

I went to bed before 8:00.

But this morning I woke up with a new attitude after seeing an inspiring senior body builder on my news feed.

I decided I’m an athlete too, even if I do walk more than run.

And athletes take free falls all the time.

It’s just part of the game. And nothing to be embarrassed about.

So I walked again today.

A little slower.

But I was looking mighty good.

So said the fellow behind me.

And I had that kale salad for dinner.

It was delicious.

Even my aging corgis thought so while munching on the green stuff that went free falling to the floor.

And for just a moment I believe we all felt a whole lot younger.

4 thoughts on “Free Falling

  1. Have a memory from Stockholm (capital city) many years ago when I missed the kerbside and went down on my knees and face. I was immediately lifted up by a German tourist who explained to his company of other German tourists that “sie hatte am Rande gestoßen” I tried to thank him in German and quickly limped off while my husband with great surprise asked what in he world I was doing since he had walked ahead of me and didn’t see me until I was crawling my way up again in the arms of a stranger. Well my knees were sore for a day or two but not broken.
    My grandfather used to say that his feet were put “awry on the shanks” and I guess mine has been to. (wonder if you have that expression? Otherwise it will be hard to understand)

    • Glad you were ok, Ida! Though I haven’t heard that expression you mention before, I like it and I believe I understand.

      It sounds to be like more of us fall from time to time than I realized!

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