Purple Pride


So I’ve been feeling a little old lately.

The gray’s been coming in fast and furious.

And I was growing even grayer while seated next to members of the Red Hat Society at a recent play performance designed for women. Typically these members are over age 55.

Many of the ladies were sitting pretty in purple suits and dresses while guffawing at the borderline bawdy humor. But red hats still remained forever perched on their heads.

Though I thought they might lose a few during a lacy lingerie litany.

I noticed every age was represented in the audience, but all purple was under the jurisdiction of the Red Hat Society members

As for me, black is my one and only color of choice. And it has been for decades.

I like how it allows me to dress in the dark as everything’s guaranteed to match.

Anyway, I recently came across a poem written by Jenny Joseph that Mom always loved.

The first line reads, “When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple.”

And she often did, beautifully.

Then an hour later, I encountered my own young and beautiful granddaughter.

And she was wearing purple.

“My favorite! Just like the trees!” she proudly proclaimed.

Evidentially it’s never too early to start blooming bright in purple.

Or too late either.

I do plan on giving it a try.

Especially if I can track myself down a pair of those cool sun glasses first.


4 thoughts on “Purple Pride

  1. Jackie, I remember hearing an interview with a Cambodian writer who came to the US while the Khmar Rough was in power. She was surprised that so many people in the US wore black. She said in Cambodia under the Khmar Rough, they all had to wear only black and when she got to the US she wore wild colors because she could. I heard this at a time when I was wearing really drab colors. And although I didn’t change then, I always remembered what she said. I still think of it now sometimes when I dress.

    • That’s interesting, Maria. I have to force myself out of my old habits sometimes. And I admit wearing black does get boring. I will use you both as color role models. After all, I don’t need a strictly black canvas anymore.

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