Never too old to be young


I was not in a great state of mind.

I awoke trying to reconcile a how a new gray wrinkle could bloom overnight right next to a bright red pimple.

Yet I was definitely feeling more old than young.

But once I jumpstarted my wiring with some coffee, I discovered two great sparks for my morning.

The first was a story about a 60 year old woman graduating from my alma mater, the University of Minnesota, with a dental degree.

A former hygienist, this new doctor chose to go back to school and will be practicing soon in northern Minnesota.

The second, was another graduation tale occurring at the same university. Former defensive lineman and Hall of Famer Bobby Bell just graduated at the age of 74 after promising his father he would do so one day. He just finished up his new parks and recreation degree.

Yup, it’s never too late to go for what you really want in life.

A great reminder for us all.

And then I remembered that’s just what Grandma used to say.

She graduated from college at 63 with a teaching degree, driving fifty miles each way for night class after work.

I was only in third grade at the time and but knew it was a worthy accomplishment once I saw Grandma smiling in that regal cap and gown.

And it seems it still is.

So I’m thinking the state of education around here remains in a very good place.

Or maybe I’m just living in a very good state.

Either way, I’m glad there’s plenty of proof around that we’re never too old to be young.


4 thoughts on “Never too old to be young

  1. My grandfather got his high school diploma in his 60’s. He was so proud of himself. Having left Italy when he was 16 to become worldly had left him without the satisfaction of having the first basic educational level completed. We were very young, so we thought it was cute, but I can only imagine how pleased he was with the opportunity and the results. Your post, Jackie, gives eternal hope that chasing dreams, no matter what they are, is never a lost cause.

    • So wonderful, Diane. Your grandfather was as strong and determined as my grandmother. We were both blessed with great role models!

      And you’re right. It’s never a lost cause!

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  2. I love hearing about such people. They always inspire me and make me think I will keep at it no matter how old I am.

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