Never allergic to amazement

With Vicks Vapor Rub for cologne, and Hall’s cough drops as breath mints, I began my journey.

I was in search of amazement this day.

And my fever only fueled the desire.

Pulling my woolen cap over my ears and burying my bare hands in pockets, I continued my quest west towards the beach in town.

Was that big lake still frosted in ice, I wondered?

Approaching the growing crowd dotting the shoreline, I had my answer.

This assembly of focused flycasting fisherfolk were already performing in perfect harmony.

They must have been practicing over the winter to pull off this premier performance for ‘ice out’ day.

Typically a quiet bunch, but for the melodic chords of shiny rods and wheels.

And today was no different.

I climbed aboard the life guard chair and sat for a while gazing at the sparkling waters we’ve missed.

I smiled.

In spring, the search for amazement is often a short one.

Sometimes only down the road.

But if you go, bring some Kleenex.


2 thoughts on “Never allergic to amazement

  1. Happy Easter and Happy Spring. Here it is two steps forward and one step back but the sun is doing its work and the snow is slowly backing off from the ground. I have seen a typical spring sign here in Sweden: people sitting with their backs to a wall with their faces turned up to the sun. Not a thought about if it could harm the skin. Not on that sunny day.

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