Pathways to sunshine

I have taken the act of being overwhelmed to a new art.

I refined my skill after my husband passed away a year ago. Though he’d been ill for sometime, the end came abruptly.

With his death it seems so many decisions need to be made in such little time.

And I’m not getting any younger.

Though a few decisions still remain relatively easy for me, like yesterday’s purchase of new GAP jeans, Anne Taylor pants and a faux leopard jacket from the thrift store for $9.00.

I’ll even call decisions related to retail therapy fun.

Particularly on a gray winter’s day.

But on my way back home I thought I better get serious and stop at an Open House for a rambler that’s up for sale.

I know I’ll be downsizing soon and I’m studying up on the real estate market.

Renting, which once sounded like an option, may actually be more expensive than buying a tiny piece of property that I can maintain.

So I skated down the icy driveway towards the vacant house for sale behind an elderly gentlemen who’d also stopped by. The man’s probably looking for a starter home for his grandson or granddaughter, I thought.

Greeted by a jolly realtor, we both looked around the cheerful rooms in the small home.

“I’d sure love that fenced yard for my dogs,” I commented, to keep the conversation moving. Though I was more interested in learning what the selling price was for the house, as I own a rambler as well.

I noticed my new gentleman friend was hunched over, but sporting a slight tan. Though he looked tired.

Like me, this man also lived nearby.

“I will be selling soon, and I’m trying to decide it I need to makes cosmetic upgrades,” he said.

“Not to worry in this market,” advised the realtor.

“We built a beautiful porch on our house just before my wife died. She’d wanted us to spend our final years together in the home,” the man added, his face now expressionless.

My heart sank.

I wanted to give the fellow a big hug. Or at least buy him a steaming cup of coffee.

But then he added, “It’s ok though. I’m going to Florida!”

I detected a smile and a sparkle in his blue eyes.

I knew he would be just fine after all.

And I suppose I will be, too.

We both left the house and returned to the bitter cold to walk to our cars.

But I looked up and saw the sun was now shining brightly.

On both of us.


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