Hope in bloom

Stress has been running through my veins like a raging river in spring lately.

Then finally this morning a technology stress fracture doubled my own joint pain.

The iPad was down for the count and so was my work computer.

But I saw the sun rising, and I knew temps would soon be as well.

Grabbing my camera and a knapsack I drove to a farm where I like to hike.

The winding paths there act as a muse, perfect for putting life’s stressors in perspective with every step I take.

And perhaps guiding me closer to new roads I might want to travel in the near future.

I smile thinking about the sign I saw on my drive over, right next to the old brick church

“A January thaw is God’s way of giving us hope”.

I look up at the stalks dancing with the sun under a cloudless sky of blue.

I do my own brief ballet in the breeze, filled with hope once again for a new week.

And perhaps the rest of my winter.

Call it a miracle, but my iPad and computer both managed to heal themselves while I was gone.

Maybe it is true that hope springs eternal once those murky waters of stress dry up.

I know I’ll be holding on tight to that belief.


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