January’s Joy

Finding joy in January can be an overwhelming challenge.

Though definitely a worthy goal.

I know I have to jackhammer more deeply within when temps are 20 below.

Even more so in a week like this one, with much news of devastating illness and loss of life.

Yet January’s cruel bitterness often carries with it simple gifts of comfort as well.

The familiar happy tune sung by my furnace as I turn up the heat.

Brilliant red feathers of the cardinal perched on the snowy branch outside my kitchen window.

The sweet scent of blueberry muffins rising in the oven, even more seductive in the Saturday morning chill.

The feel of thick, soft fur circling my gentle corgi’s neck as I scratch behind her ears.

And the just updated forecast on the radio proclaiming an above zero afternoon.

A celebration of gratitude is clearly in order.

I start by hugging the full canine pack, grateful for their warm companionship

And soon I’ll be hugging a dear friend over coffee, thankful for her loving friendship (along with the caffeine).

How lucky am I?

Perhaps January can become our new month of comfort and joy.


2 thoughts on “January’s Joy

  1. Greetings on the new year 2015. Yes January can be a hard month to endure. Here it is dark this time of the year but it is getting lighter day by day. Sorry that you have gotten sad news about illness and death. It is easy to say “that is life” but hard to experience the fact. In my family sudden illness has appeared and it has stired up a lot of feelings and some fear. But one day at a time. Not much else to do. Thank you for keeping up the blogging . Always inspiring to read.

    • Thank you, Ida. And Happy New Year to you as well! It’s also starting to get lighter here and a hazy sun even broke through for a few minutes! It does seem to have been a challenging January for many, but as you say we take it one day at a time. Take care.

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