Out of the fog

I’ve been walking in a fog much of the last week.

It’s been a precarious journey at times, not always seeing what’s ahead of me on the path.

Perhaps the same could be said of the last year, since my husband went into hospice and passed away last Christmas.

But this season I am rediscovering and reinventing what the holidays mean to me.

My spirit remains, but traditions have been replaced with new paths to take.

For example, yesterday I was thinking why not nine holes of golf this Christmas Eve?

With our December thaw, I’ve heard the local golf course had to turn away 200 eager players.

All working towards the goal of playing golf every single month of the year, at least once.

A truly noble and formidable challenge in the northern plains.

But it seems this morning the fog has lifted and been replaced by a fresh and sparking snowfall.

And this one’s sticking around for the holidays.

So since I’m flexible.

And resilient.

I’m opting instead for snow shoes on my path this Christmas Eve.

And what a beautiful and starry night it truly will be.


4 thoughts on “Out of the fog

  1. Many people say the first year’s worth of holidays after the loss of a loved one are the hardest; for me that was true. Dec. 20th marks the 3rd anniversary of my father’s death and that fog of memories and grief is upon me, but it’s not quite as thick and it’s not swallowing me up. Wishing you the best as you forge new paths and traditions this holiday season.

    • Thanks so much, Joy Johnston, for your comment. I so appreciate you sharing your own perspective and experience. And also hearing that the fog lessens some. I’m sending you my best wishes also for the upcoming holidays.

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