Looking up at the clouds yesterday morning, at first I saw a wishbone.

But from the camera’s view, I now see feathers.

And a late autumn sky.

Returning from a friend’s turkey farm, I was driving by the old Catholic Church in town.

I soon saw three heads staring up at me from the back of a rusty Ford Truck, while I brushed off white feathers from my jacket.

Taking a second glance, I recognized the heads as those of the shiny and smiling plastic wise men back for the annual nativity display.

Apparently the church is getting a head start.

I watched as volunteers placed a huge holly covered sign in the front yard for the annual Christmas Bazaar, too.

But soon I was interrupted by the loud jingle bell ring tone of a phone.

That was my wake up call.

I found myself driving home much faster than normal.

Just in case temps would suddenly drop 40 degrees and it started to snow.

I’m thinking I should save next month’s turkey’s wishbone to put under my feather pillow.

That’ll ensure my dreams of a mild and short winter come true.


Jumping for joy

I know our culture often speaks of the ‘wisdom of the years’.

But what about the savvy smarts and spirit of a seven year old?

I bring you my granddaughter.

Front and center.

The first to run up to the DJ to volunteer for the Halloween Festival events in town.

First Act: The hula hoop competition.

There she was, going neck in neck with a five year old cowboy, six year old bride, and an eight year bumble bee.

But she lost her mojo, and the hoop, as soon as she she stopped to wave at me.

Luckily, the girl’s been blessed with a ‘no biggie’ attitude.

My granddaughter just smiled, thinking a little rest wouldn’t hurt with the dance competition coming up next.

She knew moving to Taylor Swift’s, “Shake it Off” and Pharrel Williams’s “Happy” was going to take some extra high octane fuel.

Watching her move and shake through out the afternoon, I realized how much she taught me in just a few short hours.

For example:

-You can always hula hoop in life, no matter your age.
-Public dancing is not to be ashamed of, even if your’re more than age seven and a klutz.
-You’ll feel great if you stop a minute to help others like your brother (or your grandma). Especially if they don’t know their right foot from their left.
-Smile, as soon everyone will be smiling along with you.
-Always wear pink if possible. Especially boots.

But I countered, and told her I did have one thing to teach her before the sunset down at the beach.

You’re never too old, or too young, to walk barefoot in the sand Halloween week.

They’ll be plenty of time in the months ahead for those pink boots.