Blue to pink

Grandma Greta’s been grouchy lately.

And more than a little blue.

It all started when I told her we were skipping the annual dachsund races in town this year due to her weak knees.

“So what if I’m over 100 in dog years?” the aging diva queried.

She wasn’t satisfied at all with my answer.

And to make it worse, the list for the best costume contest was already full.

Then this morning, due to thinning hair loss, I told Greta she better wear her parka for her morning walk.

Grandma Greta growled.

She just hates cold weather.

In an attempt to appease the girl, I suggested she add her beloved pink garage sale tutu to her morning ensemble.

She reluctantly agreed, peeking at herself in the hallway mirror as she sashayed out the door.

But a rosy glow started slowly to return to our glam girl and I thought I even detected a smile.

“You go girl,” I told her as she happily trotted down the street in search of her Great Dane beau.

And go she did, twirling away in that tutu.

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