“Dogs” for sale

It was a trying afternoon for Grandma Greta.

She may have even picked up some new gray hairs.

My chihuahua/dachshund mix was terrified as she read the new sign at the food stand in the park.

The little diva ran off towards the beach where I finally found her shaking and hiding under a pink Cinderella beach towel.

“What’s this business about selling chihuahuas?” she barked.

“And for only $7.00! What’s up with that!!!”

I attempted to explain.


“What? You NOW mean to tell me those people in line are going to eat the chihuahuas and the pups?”

I caught her right before she took off again to hide in the nearby sandcastle.

I realized I definitely needed some help.

I carried her over to the friendly food stand owner who did a better job explaining just what they were selling than I did.

He then gave her tomatillos.

And a vanilla ice cream cone.

Greta was all smiles once again.

She’s snoring away right now, tired from her big day.

I doubt they’ll be nightmares this night.

But maybe sweet dreams.

Probably of more ice cream.

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