Namaste Greta!

When I told Grandma Greta we were riding in to town with a friend, she thought surely I meant in the car.

And that we’d stop at the Golden Arches.

Greta was wrong on both counts.

What I had in mind was peddling a bicycle built for two with 5 pounds of a chi/doxie resting in the front carrier.

Greta was clearly annoyed.

Even more so as we headed over to the dock for a free yoga class at the art festival.

“What’s this ‘downward dog’ business?” Greta snapped from a shady vista underneath the oak tree.
“Why are you people hanging upside down?”

“Greta, calm down,” I replied, without any luck.

Our old girl snarled, adding, “Hey, a ‘downward dog’ should be snuggling deep into a dog bed with a blanket over your head”.

“Now that’s the way to chill”.

Greta looked up at me, showing off her tiny toothy grin.

But only for a moment.

Suddenly the half dachshund caught a whiff of the grilling hot dogs from the stand around the corner.

Greta immediately burrowed herself back into the carrier, hiding out from the grill chef.

I thought it best we go back home, peddling fast.

Once in the house, I returned Greta to her dog bed placing the baby blue blanket over her head.

“Namaste, Greta,” I told her.

“Whatever,” she replied.

Maybe Greta still thinks she’s a teenager.

A man among men


H-Is for hope, shared freely with readers and friends.
E-Is for enthusiasm, in his writing, connecting, and with the dawn of a new day.
A-Is for authenticity. A role model for us all.
R-Is for respect of others, and in his reminders to respect ourselves through our work.
T-Is for tenacity, while adapting to an ever changing world. And showing us we can do the same.

This man has a heart of gold.

This man is Jon Katz.

Jon encouraged me, and has encouraged many others to start their own blogs. He is a New York Times best selling author, known for his Bedlam Farm series of books.

I wish him a full and speedy recovery this week as he, his family and medical team address a health concern.