Alpha lessons

My dog Tuck much prefers people chairs to dog beds.

Yesterday while waiting for the vet, he jumped right up on their overstuffed chair and settled in.

Beating me once again for my preferred spot.

And he looked poised as ever to grab the new “People” magazine I was eyeing.

Tuck just loves looking at photos of starlets and their sweet shih tsus.

For a little guy, he’s got one commanding presence as he sashays into a room.

And it shouts, “Give me a treat!”


With a “please” thrown in as an afterthought.

Now I’m more the quiet type and typically cower towards the back of a room upon entering.

But maybe this old man can still teach me some new tricks.

Like how to be an alpha dog in five easy lessons.

I’m even offering to pay up in jerky, if he’s willing.

And I think he is.

He just jumped up on my lap when I read him back this post.

One thought on “Alpha lessons

  1. just discovered your post a month ago and appreciate it so much. I am taking care of my husband at home. He is 79 and has lost the ability to walk. Your blog is like a beacon in the night, read just before I go to bed. It keeps me sane–and I love Tuck! I’d give him my chair any time!

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