Dancing on the path

Just so you know this post is not about the “G” word.

Even though I’ve had much advice on the subject since my husband passed away in December.

Well intentioned comments such as, “Hey, you might want to take a happy pill. My cousin did after her spouse passed away”.

“Thanks. Much appreciated,” I respond, gritting my teeth.

A good yoga class is my pill of choice.

Or another one of my favorites, “I’m concerned that you’re wearing black all of the time”.

“Haven’t you noticed I’ve been wearing black for decades?” I mutter to myself later when I’m alone.

And I really love the color black because:
1) It doesn’t show dirt.
2) When your rushing for the bus, you don’t need coffee to match up a black top with black pants.
3) And my favorite reason, black’s supposed to make you look slim.

So why would I ever change?

Except that black attracts corgi hair (which sticks like super glue).

And I have two corgis.

Anyway, the advice I’ve actually been seeking from friends relates to my ’50 by 60′ bucket list.

They’ve been great idea people for additional items to add.

I also scribbled down a few more of my own this week:
-Fly fishing
-Hanging with cowboys and cowgirls at a rodeo.

Two activities that have always intrigued me.

Maybe because there’s beauty in motion?

Or I just read two many stories as a kid.

When I met with friends yesterday, they were even more enthusiastic than me when I brought these latest ideas up.

And they also offered up two of their own.

Mountain climbing in Peru, and crazy as it sounds, square dancing.

Now Peru won’t fit into my peanut butter budget this year, but I’ll definitely encourage them to go.

As to square dancing?

Sure! Why not?

I haven’t ‘dosey doe-d’ since I was seven in gym class.

In fact, I’m going tonight.

So as I sign off to get ready, I’m thinking maybe this post was about a “G” word after all.


I’m thankful I have friends who truly care.

And I’m so grateful for having a new path in life to dance.

Alpha lessons

My dog Tuck much prefers people chairs to dog beds.

Yesterday while waiting for the vet, he jumped right up on their overstuffed chair and settled in.

Beating me once again for my preferred spot.

And he looked poised as ever to grab the new “People” magazine I was eyeing.

Tuck just loves looking at photos of starlets and their sweet shih tsus.

For a little guy, he’s got one commanding presence as he sashays into a room.

And it shouts, “Give me a treat!”


With a “please” thrown in as an afterthought.

Now I’m more the quiet type and typically cower towards the back of a room upon entering.

But maybe this old man can still teach me some new tricks.

Like how to be an alpha dog in five easy lessons.

I’m even offering to pay up in jerky, if he’s willing.

And I think he is.

He just jumped up on my lap when I read him back this post.

Just chill

Our local weather fortune tellers were calling today one of the ‘ten best’ of the year.

Blue skies, low humidity, and a high of eighty.

That kind of perfection called for a relaxing evening walk down by the beach in town.

And of course a trip to the Golden Arches for ice cream after my work out.

It seems I can justify pretty much anything if I try hard enough.

Feeling particularly mellow post beach, my Subaru encountered one busy parking lot with a backed up drive through window.

Probably quicker to just go in, I figured.

Patiently I stood in line, still in my zen like state.

Dreaming of hot fudge on my sundae.

Then suddenly I saw the line was growing behind me and I heard the customers becoming more impatient.

Finally, turning belligerent in their complaining.

Looking up at the employees, I saw no slackers manning the counter or the grill on this night.

I heard no high school gossip being shared, graduation party news, or weekend plans being discussed.

Instead I observed middle aged worker bees rushing, and doing everything possible to keep up and serve all who waited

When it was my turn, my efficient gray haired clerk apologized and acknowledged the customers were getting crabby.

But I knew this woman was doing her best.

“I won’t let it stress me out,” she told me smiling, while she quickly multi tasked several orders.

“Good for you!” I replied, thanking her for my order and for her grace under pressure.

I’m more likely to ask for a manager to compliment a good employee, than talk about a bad one. But I didn’t tonight due to the long lines.

I’ll be following up soon though.

In the meantime, I hope my clerk has tomorrow off and can take a long walk.

It’s supposed to be the 11th best day of the year.

And as to those cranky customers?

I’m thinking they ought to try some yoga.

Haiku therapy

Some people play games on their apps with morning coffee.

I write haikus for my blog.

I figure it’s great for my memory and a lot more fun than FarmVille or a crossword puzzle.

My ‘haiku therapy’ session begins daily at 4:40 a.m. when the alarm goes off for work.

With that first sip of java I’m searching the long, empty halls of my brain to pick up any
collection of words that’ll tell a story.

Some days they do.

And some days, not so much.

Though haikus, prose and photos have eaten up a lot of my iPad’s memory, I’m glad I started my blog 14 months ago.

It seems I developed a pent up demand for a creative outlet through my decade of caregiving.

Or maybe an obsession?

Anyway, this morning once again I carefully searched for just the right words for my poem.

I found some, finished my post, then hit the publish button to send it out into cyberspace.

My screen quickly announced it was my 1349th post as I rushed out the door for the bus.

I was feeling smug as a co-worker had warned me a while back I’d get bored with blogging after a couple of months.

“Been there, done that,” she told me.

I was also pretty proud of the post I’d just written about Mondays.

That is until I’d been at work an hour and my co-worker told me it was Tuesday.

So much for my memory theory.

And score one for my co-worker.