Dog days in paradise

I was greeted late yesterday by the aftermath of counter surfing by Tuck, a nasty sore throat, and sump pump water gushing everywhere in the basement.

Today the dogs weren’t feeling any better than me, or the pump. I decided to stay home to take care of all of us.

Tuck was particularly tired after helping me clean the water logged basement.

So was I, as I nursed my hot tea while putting on the only dry socks I had left.

But when I put my feet up I found my socks didn’t match.

Not even close.

But I didn’t care.

Tuck didn’t either.

Though he barked, “My vote’s for the chihuahua sock on the left.”

That’s my Tuck for you.

Little dog with big opinions.

Bay leaf flan and the bachelor farmers

Last night I was thinking about my friends, the ever stoic Norwegian bachelor farmers here in the midwest.

Blame it on Garrison Keillor and the live “Prairie Home Companion” radio broadcast that was taking place in the austere, old auditorium at my alma mater in the city.

These poor boys and their stoicism are often referenced in the show’s monologues.

But last night the show also got to me to thinking, just why is this Norwegian girl (me) stoic?

And is being stoic a good thing or a bad thing?

I decided to do a quick Google search and found there’s lots of talk and tips on how to be stoic.
And some of these tips even offer illustrations.

I discovered words such as ‘calm’ and ‘not complaining’ in their definitions.

Now I’ll admit I’ve had ‘quiet’ moments providing care assistance for an infant, teen, and two adults with dementia while working full time.

But my theory goes when you’re tired, it takes too much energy to be anything but calm.

And just to clarify, I’m no candidate for sainthood.

It’s a mighty good thing my car speakers can’t talk.

Those speakers heard words no bachelor farmer would ever use on his John Deere, while I
commuted through snow and ice storms in my Chevy.

Continuing with my research, I read it just might be good to mix up stoicism with fun, even joy occasionally.

Makes sense.

I just heard that old, tired looking campus auditorium had a fun renovation and got itself a new, cheery face lift.

And even some of the farmers have gone hunting for a piece of that joy and opened up a trendy restaurant called “The Bachelor Farmer” over in the city.

In fact, the boys are growing their own fancy crops right up there on the roof.

Though I’m sorry to report there’s no lutefisk on the menu, I understand they’ve perfected their plates of pleasingly plump polenta.

I expect I’ll be giving it a try soon.

And for extra joy, I’ll be saving room for that bay leaf flan I keep hearing about.

Stoicism and sweets, what a combo.

Sounds like the bachelor farmers have this one all figured out.

Though I may be stoic, I admit I’m actually kind of excited.

Even if my face doesn’t show it.