Journey down a slightly different road

The wheels are starting to turn in my head.

Though it hasn’t been quite two weeks since my husband passed away, I know I’ll remain committed to helping those afflicted with Alzheimer’s or other dementias. I’ve been involved on a daily basis for well over ten years with care for my spouse, Mom, and Dad.

And I won’t be stopping now.

Additionally, I want to assist caregivers in receiving more help. They need better options for respite care, emergency back up support, and assistance in their communities.

Plenty more hugs would be a great thing, too.

Caregivers are often unsung heroes and deserve so much more.

My wheels are continuing to pedal closer to a decision on how I will best make a difference this year, and next.

And once I make that decision, I expect I’ll experience one fulfilling journey.

7 thoughts on “Journey down a slightly different road

  1. Jackie, this sounds intriguing. After my mother passed away my sister got involved in hospice volunteering because she was so impressed and touched by all they did. I think you would be wonderful as a volunteer worker, you are so down to earth and compassionate.

  2. Jackie, You’re on a track that is so needed. A lot has been accomplished in this area, but so much more needs to be done. Your efforts will make a difference to so many. It’s wonderful that you’ll stay involved.

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