Shooting from the hip

I have spring fever!


Though Monday and Tuesday wind chills were in the -40 to -50 below range, and today I commuted to work in the biggest snow storm of the season, I’m getting ready for warmer temps.

First on my list has been making preparations to snap that first bright, red tulip I see blooming in green grass.

So last night I skated over to a business older than me. It appears there aren’t too many of those around anymore.

This business is a 100 year old camera store.

And it’s definitely one with a history.

In this shop, cash wasn’t always king. Up until the 1930’s, customers could trade their guns for cameras. But no guns are inside these days. Now it’s cameras being pulled from holsters shooting grand photos, straight from the hip.

Walking in the place, I first noticed a collection of antique cameras on the shelf. Old folding Kodaks, Polaroids and long gone brands I’ve never heard of.

For an aging girl like me, terrified by technology and about to buy her first digital camera, seeing old fashioned equipment definitely helped my comfort level.

So did the salesman, Kevin.

Anyone who can patiently translate terminology and spend an hour chatting about a camera that’s caught your eye, definitely becomes a new friend.

And if he matches the sale price of a big box store, and throws in four free classes, he’s becomes my new BEST friend.

As temps finally warm, I may be dangerous taking all those flower pictures around these parts.

I better warn my neighbors to take cover now.

Out and about


It was an amazing sight.

Long lines and a busy grocery store on a Wednesday night in January.

Pretty uncommon most years, and definitely unheard of this year.

But it did feel like spring this evening with temps in the teens.

And that’s above zero!

Townspeople just needed to get out for air and were soon stocking up. Carts were full of meats, vegetables and snacks their doctors will soon scold them about.

I was happy on my drive home thinking how nice it is that we can travel around again.

Then I heard the forecast on the radio.

A snow storm’s coming.

I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised after the crowd at the grocery began to grab cans of chili beans and canned tomatoes right out of the stock boy’s hands.

I’ve lived in the northern plains long enough to know better.

I just should never get too excited in the winter.

I can help…

Bring joy to those afflicted with memory loss.
Bring joy to caregivers assisting them.

I will share gifts of:

-Tai Chi
-Hand holding
-Back rubs for those tired and stressed.
-Time, listening to stories I’ve heard before.
-The warmth of friendship.
-Love and lots of it.

My mission statement for this year.

I better get busy.