Have no fear, Halloween is here!

What I like about Halloween:

1) Free candy everywhere! Every cubicle at work, every house, every store.
2) Cute costumes and disguises.
3) Guests. You know they’re on their way.
4) Everyone leaves work early.
5) Adults being silly and acting like kids.

What I don’t like about Halloween:

1) Candy everywhere! A pound on my lips soon a pound on my hips.
2) I have to come up with a cute costume or disguise.
3) Guests. No one ever bothers to RSVP, so you don’t know how many are coming.
4) Because everyone left work early, massive gridlock on the roads.
5) Adults being too silly when acting like kids.

And what I adore about Halloween:

Kids. The excitement on every child’s face after dressing in a carefully chosen costume, and ringing the first door bell.

I’ve got a cowlick

I’ve got a cowlick.
Hair that won’t dry.
I’m gray around the temples,
But heck I’m still spry.
Mom permed me one night,
Right here in the kitchen sink.
And through my tears and sniffles,
I can still smell the stink.
Now my hair’s short.
With an attitude of its own.
My bangs are too long
But their trims don’t take a loan.
My cat gifts me hair balls,
At least once a year.
And the corgis create wigs,
If I’ll just give them a shear.

Simple gifts

With our first snowfall expected overnight, I have much to be thankful for this evening.

-My cozy, warm house with plenty of blankets for the upcoming months.
-A car that will ski up my hill to work in the morning, with new headlights to show me the way.
-Fluffy corgis at my feet, cuddling my toes like warm, fur lined slippers.
-Plenty of soup, tea and hot cider to warm me on the inside.
-A fever that’s finally dropping, allowing me to visit my husband later in the week.
-The knowledge that my husband is safe and sound which helps me to sleep, as well as him.