A beamer, a brother and some burgers

Quilt of Missing Memories

Looking at old pictures tonight, I got to thinking about my brother Scott. We weren’t very close growing up. He was social and good looking, while I was the chunky, nerdy little sister. Scott was merciless in his teasing of me as I tackled how I could eat more Twinkie’s and still lose weight.

But one day when the teasing went too far, my best friend and I dumped a big bowl of tuna salad on his head. That stopped the behavior though Mom was mad, mumbling something about the price of tuna as she stomped out of the kitchen.

Anyway about five years after college we were to meet for dinner at the Minnesota version of a French bistro. “Ya sure, you betcha,” was being spoken at almost every table, with fake french accents thrown in for fun.

As Scott entered the room, I noticed he had gained every…

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Canopy in the sky

Maybe I’m one of those people who can feel a storm coming. I start to twitch when I know the other shoe is going to drop. In this case, I’m talking about the serious side of fall when the first frosts and cooler temps permanently settle in.

I’ve heard the highs are predicted to drop dramatically later in the week, so I’ll make an extra point to enjoy this day.

I’m taking my husband out on the deck in the sunshine. I’m walking in the fall colors. And I’m eating one last chocolate ice cream cone for the year.

And then I’ll put the ice scraper back in the car.

Just in case.